Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge near San Francisco is one of the most iconic bridges and recognized symbols of America. Opened in 1937, it links San Francisco to Marin County California.  Spanning approximately 1 miles across, it was the longest and tallest bridge when it opened. Prior to the bridge, people travelling to and from Marin County needed to take a ferry.  Ferry service began in 1820 and regular scheduled service began in 1840 primarily to transport water from Marin to San Francisco.

People wanted to build a direct route to San Francisco but many experts said it would not be possible due to the strong, swirling currents and deep water at the location.  They said that very strong winds and dense fog would hinder the construction.

The bridge proposal that took hold was made by Joseph Strauss, an ambitious engineer and poet.  He spent nearly 10 years building support for the bridge.  His design was modified to make it visually more pleasing.  Construction began in 1933 and cost more than $35 million dollars.  The bridge opening ceremony took place in May 1937 and lasted for a week!

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