Point Loma Lighthouse

Point Loma Lighthouse National Park San Diego

California had been a state for a year when the United States Coast Survey party traveled west in 1851 to chart the Pacific Coast and also determine the sites for the first eight west coast lighthouses to be constructed by the U.S. government.

San Diego, at the southwest boundary of the U.S., was an obvious choice for a lighthouse. The tip of Point Loma, at 422 feet above sea level, offered what appeared to be the perfect place for a lighthouse because the light could be seen from both the ocean side of Point Loma and the bay side. 

Construction of the lighthouse began in 1854.  The lighthouse went into service in 1855, but it’s elevation was soon determined to be too high; too often its light was obscured by fog and low clouds. A new Point Loma Light Station was established at a lower elevation in March 1891.

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