Port Townsend Washington

Port Townsend Washington

Port Townsend is a vibrant seaside community which brings together land and sea.  Originally established as a Victorian seaport in the 1800s, it now is a popular destination for visitors.  The main street borders the shoreline and contains historic buildings restored to their original grandeur and are a sight to see! 

Established in 1851, it was originally named “Port Townshend” by Captain George Vancouver, a British officer for the Royal Navy who led famous expeditions in the Pacific Northwest.  The land was previously occupied for thousands of years by local Indian tribes.  Unfortunately, the white explorers brought measles and smallpox to these tribes, and only approximately 10% survived.

The city was referred to as the “City of Dreams” because of the early speculation that the city would be the largest harbor on the west coast, making the population very wealthy and prosperous.  These dreams were dependent on the railroad building a railway to the city which was planned, but failed to materialize when these plans were cancelled due to a depression.

It is now a great place to visit and live!

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