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Tips for a great trip

Travelling can be an easy, enjoyable experience if plan ahead and are flexible to making changes.  Here are tips to make your trip go as smoothly as possible:

– Read what other travelers are saying about the place you’d like to visit.  Learn as much as you can about it – both good and bad.  There are many websites with reviews for popular locations.  I usually start with Trip Advisor.  Be wary of fake reviews at these sites – do your due dilligence if there are only a few reviews or all of them are glowingly positive.

– Call the place where you’ll be staying before you arrive to let them know your approximate arrival time and ensure they have a room available for you.  In some cases, even though you have a reservation it doesn’t guarantee a room if the place is overbooked.   If you call ahead, you will have a better of a room being available to you.

– If you are on a roadtrip, download the travel app for the state that you are visiting.  It will provide a status of the highways so that you will be aware of any road closures, traffic or construction which can cause delays.

– Be flexible to make adjustments to your itinerary needed.  You never know when something out of your control will cause your well-planned trip to be at risk.  Have a “Plan B” ready to go so that you can keep having fun.

– Take some downtime each day to avoid getting stressed out from trying to get too much in on the same day and plan for enough time between attractions.


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